It's An Open House at Yankee Stadium

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yesterday, I mentioned how the Yankees are obviously having difficulty selling season tickets given their constant streaming of ads on YES and the local talk radio stations. Well, later in the evening I received an email from the Yankees ticket office which took it one step further. This weekend the Yankees are holding an Open House. The Open House will allow you to go to the stadium and scope out your potential season tickets. You know, the tickets that cost $325 a pop that you would be on the hook for a minimum 20 of games.

The best part about this whole Open House thing is that it was email blasted to every single person who's on their email list. Let's do some simple math here. Say you bought 2 tickets per game at 325 a pop. That's 650 dollars for at minimum 20 games. That's 13 grand. That's 1/2 a decent car. Would I rather have 1/2 a car or 20 baseball games? Hmm....

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