2009 NCAA 1 on 1 Bracket: South Bracket

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ESPN is letting you fill out 10 brackets again so while we contemplate our actual bracket, we decided to yet again fill out a bracket based on theoretical 1 on 1 matchups. Unlike last years bracket, we decided to amp it up and go with historical players.

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1st Round

Michael Jordan (North Carolina) over Nobody (Radford), is MJ getting a bye really fair?

Shaq (LSU) over Billy Shephard (Butler), Shaq could probably score at will against the entire current Butler team.

Deron Williams (Illinois) over Greg Smith (Western Kentucky), can't say I know who Greg Smith is.

Adam Morrison (Gonzaga) over Bill Turner (Akron), can't say I know who Bill Turner is either.

Eddie Jones (Temple) over Byron Scott (Arizona St.), Similar players but Eddie always had more of a knack to score the basketball.

Carmelo Anthony (Syracuse) over James Silas (S F Austin), Melo easily beats someone I've never heard of.

Chris Webber (Michigan) over Horace Grant (Clemson), Horace Grant's offensive game is limited.

Wayman Tisdale (Oklahoma) over Marvin Webster (Morgan St.),

2nd Round

Michael Jordan (North Carolina) over Shaq (LSU), this is one of those instances that your really have no idea what would go on. Obviously MJ is one of if not the best players of all time. But Shaq would have 6 or 7 inches on him and about 120 pounds. If Shaq could ever get the ball in the post on a consistent basis than I'm not sure how MJ would stop him. Then again if the ball was inbounded at the top of the key, Shaq would have to either let MJ take an open jumper or allow Michael to drive past him at will. I went with MJ because of the latter. I think it would be more difficult for Shaq to back MJ down and get into a position to score than it would be for MJ to hit an open free throw jumper. So MJ over Shaq it is.

Deron Williams (Illinois) over Adam Morrison (Gonzaga), the dirty sanchez would have no chance of covering Williams in a game of 1 on 1.

Carmelo Anthony (Syracuse) over Eddie Jones (Temple), Carmelo's length would overcome Jones far superior defense.

Chris Webber (Michigan) over Wayman Tisdale (Oklahoma)

Sweet 16

Michael Jordan (North Carolina) over Deron Williams (Illinois), after beating Shaq, Deron is a breeze.

Chris Webber (Michigan) over Carmelo Anthony (Syracuse), I'm a homer and think CWebb's size on D would fluster Anthony and CWebb would be able to score at will against Carmelo's meager D.

Elite 8

Michael Jordan (North Carolina) over Chris Webber (Michigan), I'm a homer but not THAT big of a homer.

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