Seriously When the Hell Do Tickets Go On Sale

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today is March 11th, we are less than 4 weeks away from the start of the baseball season and just a little over a month away from the opening of Yankee Stadium on April 16th, yet STILL single game tickets can not be found. The Yankee Website still does not even mention the phrase "Single Game Tickets" anywhere on their website. Nowhere, you can't find it. One month away and I still can't get a ticket without signing up for 18 more.

Why? Because the Yankees are struggling to sell their season tickets. The good folks at Fauk Youk (terrific name) caught a screen shot of the Yanks attempting to peddle Season tickets last night. Listen to the radio and you'll hear the same spot. They desperately want to sell the season tickets and that's why they continue to wait to sell the single games. I'm just getting a little impatient.

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