Get Yourself Some Ass Ugly St. Patrick's Day NFL Garbage

Monday, March 09, 2009

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner which means Sports industries are going to attempt to peddle some ass ugly merchandise at you that they dipped in green paint. Here's a look at some of the NFL's premium garbage.

Houston Texans Pint Glass
When I Think Texas I Think Irish

Cincinnati Bengals Beer Mug
Perfect for that DUI Prep

Jacksonville Jaguars Hat
The Irish Jaguar is Most Ferocious

New Orleans Saints Ladies T
Light Material for Easy Lifting During Mardi Gras

New England Patriots Long Sleeve T
Put Sleeves On a Shirt And It's a Man's Shirt

Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson Is Irish T
Hmm... Looks A Lot Like the Ovechkin Shirt

As I've State Before I'm Not a Big Fan of the Green Nonsense Despite Being a Redheaded Irishman.

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