The New York Lynch Mob Is Starting to Move on David Wright

Thursday, April 30, 2009

David Wright is a New York Met. He's always been a New York Met. He's always been a fan favorite. But now the tide is turning, the whispers of disappointed are starting to become screams. The lynch mob is gathering steam and could be on Wright's door step in just a matter of months.

David Wright is a great player. He's a .300 hitter. He hits 30+ home runs. He steals bases. But while he continues to put up these numbers year after year, Met fans are slowly realizing that after years of saying that they'd rather have David Wright over Alex Rodriguez because A-Rod isn't clutch, that Wright suffers from a similar case of the yips in big at bats. Over the past two seasons the Mets have collapsed in September and while David Wright isn't the only issue with the Mets, he certainly contributed. His numbers were significantly worse with runners in scoring position and he seemingly never picked up a big at bat in the final weeks of the year.

2009 unfortunately has been much of the same. Wright is batting a respectable .280, but if you listen to WFAN or ESPN 1050 or listen to the boos at Citi Field, you would think he's batting more like Rey Ordonez than David Wright. Why? Because it's the clutch at bats where he's struggling. Yesterday, down by 1 with runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs in the 9th, Wright came up against Marlins closer Matt Lindstrom. What did Wright do? He got caught looking, backwards K.

The reaction post game in the afternoon ranged from, what the hell is wrong with David Wright to Wright should be given the bunt signal to its time to trade Wright. At this point in time, many Met fans would rather have their franchise player bunt and leave the game up to Fernando Tatis to get the game winning hit. That's how bad it's already turned and if David Wright continues to perform in the clutch at the same miserable pace he may just need some extra security surrounding him and his gal pal.

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