NFL Draftie Quick Notes

Monday, April 27, 2009

~Quality over Quantity was the Jets motto. And well they better be quality cause they only made three draft picks. An insignificant 6th rounder for O-line depth, Mark Sanchez, and Shonn Greene. Shonn Greene might be really good but where the hell does he get snaps next year? TJ had his best year and Leon already doesn't get enough touches. Where the hell is Greene getting carries? The Jets still lack offensive deep threats, so the offense may still be suspect.

~I obviously don't know much about token 6th round offensive guards, so I'm not going to be able to say this Abilene Christian player is going to be really really good. So when I look at a draft I look at top picks and think they improved or they didn't and to me I absolutely positively love the Eagles first two picks. The entire offseason the Eagles looked like they accomplished nothing to further McNabb's available weapons and within the first two rounds they are looking good. I've already proclaimed my thoughts on Maclin, and I love him with the Iggles. He'll provide a solid compliment of speed and quickness on short routes to DeSean Jackson's constant vertical threat. Maclin also provides excellent kickoff and punt return games which can keep Westbrook away from those areas. The next pick of McCoy gives them a solid safety net for the 4 games Westbrook will miss next year due to injuries and the fall off should not be as astronomical as it has been in recent years. All in all I absolutely love these pickups.

~Only Al Davis drafts DHB above Crabtree and Maclin. Only Al Davis. And that's what makes Al Davis so great. It's like he knows everyone thinks he's senile and just loves speed over all other important aspects to being a great football player so he just fits the bill to make people shake their heads and be controversial. Or he really is just senile.

~The Bucs are retarded and so is Josh Freeman. Freeman went out and said that the Bucs picked up Leftwich for the purpose of trying to convince teams that the Bucs had no interest in him in a chat on And yet they convinced everyone so much of their non-interest that they traded up in the draft to get him when no one else wanted him.

~The Cowboys had a fun draft thanks to their idiotic Roy Williams trade. Yay for repercussions from a stupid midseason acquisition.

~In typical Patriot fashion I've never heard of any of the players they drafted. If it works every year, than why stop.

~Rey Maualuga is a beast and was a 2nd round steal. Too bad he'll be a complete waste in Cincy, the land where defense dies.

~The Bill Cosby segment on ESPN was scary weird.

~Honestly, I think overall the draft was pretty boring. Limited trades, limited surprises. The big names supposedely on the block, Braylon Edwards, Brady Quinn, Boldin, etc, stayed put. There weren't too many suprises nor a Brady Quinn-esque free-fall down the draft board. Just kind of a status-quo draft for the most part.

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