My Jets Wishlist: Jeremy Maclin

Friday, February 27, 2009

When I watched the Alamo Bowl (man I was bored), I immediately threw Jeremy Maclin on my Jets Wish List. Unfortunately, all the mock drafts out there and all the projections had him going well before the Jets 17th pick, so I kind of gave up hope a bit. But his stock has dropped some thanks to his combine numbers slipping lower than expected while others like Darius Heyward-Bey sped by. In fact I even can find mock drafts where Maclin slips to the Jets. And to that I say hooray.

Why do I want Maclin? Because he's exactly what the Jets need. A wide receiver with speed and size that can stretch the field vertically. A player that has the potential to score on every play. Currently, the Jets biggest play maker currently is Leon Washington and he isn't even on the field the majority of the plays considering he's a 3rd down back.

To top it off, the combination of Maclin and Leon Washington on punt returns and kick off returns would be devistating. Maclin was arguably the best kickoff returner in College last year and Washington has arguably been the best kickoff returner in the NFL the past two seasons. Opponents would either need to decide to pooch or take the massive gamble that Maclin or Washington bust the return.

Simply put, Maclin is #1 on my wish list this offseason.

Alamo Bowl Highlights

Maclin Highlight Reel

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