Ray Lewis Thinks the Jets Are 'Attractive'

Friday, February 06, 2009

"That just sounds right," Lewis told the NFLN. "It's like, 'Wow, if something does happen where you're not back in Baltimore, the Jets wouldn't be bad.'

"You go take a young Jets team that has a lot of talent across the board. You wiggle 52 (Lewis) into that equation, then that team goes from just being OK to 'Let's go win this.' That scenario is attractive." [USA Today]

I knew these rumors were going to come at some point. Ray Lewis + Free Agency + Defensosaurus + Head Coach of the Jets = Rumors of Ray Lewis going to the Jets. The thing is I just don't see it happenning. The Jets are well over the cap, thanks to the Arm Punt Extraordinaire, and really need to fill out spots in other spots of the roster more than they need a replacement for David Harris. It really isn't going to happen, and for that I am thankful.

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