The NBA's Worst of the 1st Half

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's finally the All Star break so it's time to take a look at which players are the Worst in each stat category.

Scoring Like Steve Urkel
Lotsa Big Men do not like to score led by Chuck Hayes. This list is a very familiar one for fantasy players, as you pick up any of these players for their rebounds and blocks (Przybilla and Wallace I'm Looking Directly At You) and know that your points are going to take a big kick in the junk.

Difficulty Putting the Ball In the Hoop
B-Diddy has not done a very good job of shooting this year. Just over 35% from the field is grotesque. The two oddests part in looking at these stats is that Ron Artest's overall FG% is actually better from beyond the arc than it is from 2-point land and that somehow Iverson avoided the bottom 11 (by 2 spots).

From Downtown... CLANG
Well this is a star studded cast. Mr. Wade coming in at below 28% from down town is almost vomit inducing. Lebron James is probably the best player in the NBA but if there's one thing he could still use some fine tuning on, it's obviously his jump shot accuracy which is shown prevalently here.

Free Throw Shooters
Mr. Biedrins apparently is what hinders the White Warriors from winning FT% every week. Other names on the list are pretty much permanent contributors: Shaq, Dwight Howard, Okafor, and other expected big men. Mr. Rondo as a point guard should really be ashamed to be on this list and that's a must improve in his game if he ever plans on entering the elite.

Sir Passes Not A Lot
This list is pretty boring and pretty obvious when you think about it. If you're not a scorer or a guard and you don't have the ball on offense much than you're not going to rack up assists. Snooze...

Generous Opponent Gift Givers
On the opposite end of the spectrum if you have the ball in your hands a ton each game then you are more likely to make careless mistakes especially someone like Steve Nash who has the ball in his hands for the majority of each possession and tends to be a little on the riskier side with some passes.

Better to Give to the Enemy than the Teammate
This is again a not very surprising list. These are the stars that are gunners. The players who get the ball and are very very likely to shoot. Mr. Durant is the only person on this list who averages more turnovers than assists which is pretty ugly but he's young and his team is terrible. So go gunnin Kevin.

Banging Wimping the Boards
Little men do grab many boards. I am kind of surprised that Chauncey is on this list though as you picture him as a tough scrapping point guard who isn't afraid to jump after a rebound or two. Guess I'm wrong.

Do Not Fear My Lane Presence
Little men do not block shots either, so these guys are mostly small guards. The real question I have is how Steve Nash avoided this list. Who the hell has he blocked this season?

The Angels
Big Men are not thieves. Shaq is a law enforcement officer, he does not care to steal from others. He rather blocks their entry to the lane by consuming 90% of it with his body.

King Hackers
Gregory Really needs to figure out how to hold off from getting the whistle blown ever 6 minutes he's on the court.

All Stats Retrieved from and Only Contain Players Who Are Deemed Qualified.

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