Why Decide, When a Coin Can

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I make a lot of my decisions via the coin flip. I jokingly call it "Letting God Decide". Usually this decisions are, "what restaurant should I go to dinner to" or "should I actually get some work done now", pretty meaningless things in the grand scheme of things. The majority of time I do it either because I'm A) A Horrible Decision Maker or B) Do not want to spend time deliberating whether or not to do something. Never have I ever used it as a method to make a life altering choice. But that can't be said about 3 star linebacker Ka'lial Glaud.

The next 4 years of his life were decided on the basis of of whether the coin flip landed on Heads or Tails. His options? Rutgers or West Virginia. I guess when you're deciding between living in Jersey (Dirty) or West Virginia (Hickville) than there really isn't much of a choice, so why not let a coin flip decide. At least then in 4 years you can blame something if your time was shitty. The Winner? Rutgers. Yay Jersey.

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