This Is a Sign That the System is Flawed

Thursday, February 19, 2009

ESPN's Chad Ford has a frightening tale of the NBA trade deadline focusing on the value of Raef Lafrentz.

The hottest name at the trade deadline? A guy who hasn't played a game this season: Raef LaFrentz of the Portland Trail Blazers.

"If you asked owners in the league who they'd rather have right now, LaFrentz or Stoudemire, I think more than half of them would prefer LaFrentz," one executive told me. "That's how screwed up this thing has been. I guarantee you [Blazers GM] Kevin Pritchard has gotten better offers for LaFrentz than the Suns have gotten for Stoudemire."

At some point you have to think if you are the NBA you have to question your salary cap system. You probably have to admit that the system is a little dumb when Raef Lafrentz is mentioned in the same breath as hottest name or the best asset in the NBA.

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