The Charge Foul Sucks

Friday, February 27, 2009

Between watching the Michigan Basketball game and highlights of the Cavs Rockets game last night, I've come to the conclusion that I despise the Charge. It's not that I think the rule is a bad one. I don't think an offensive player should be allowed to just plow over a defender to get to the basket. I just hate the fact that it's now a defensive tactic, instead of you know trying to play defense.

Watching last nights game it was blatantly obvious on several possessions that Michigan defenders were simply trying to get in the way of Purdon't players in order to draw a charge. They weren't actually trying to steal the ball or contest a shot, nope they were just standing there hoping that they were graced the whistle in their favor. Then when Sportscenter aired they showed the greatest Charge Jackass of them all Shane Battier. Last night he drew two separate charges on Lebron James. Each time he was a bit overzealous with the maginitude of the fall. It's lame and it pissed me off.

What would you do if someone in your pick up game tried to draw a charge? Would you hope he gets run over so you could make fun of him, call a foul on him and not help him off the floor? That's what I would do.

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People all over the place agree with you and your assessment.

I've read lots of anti-charging comments on Rox fan sites:

you name it. they all agree.

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