2008 Regressions: HR -> Wins

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's February, so I'm Trying to Find things to Post On. Therefore You're Going to Get Some Simple Regression Tests from the 2008 MLB Season.

The Major High Outlier: White Sox with 235 Home Runs and 89 Wins
The Low Outlier: San Francisco with 94 Home Runs and 72 Wins

Formula: Home Runs = 53.067986 + (1.353362) * Wins
ReFangled Formula: Wins = (Home Runs - 53.067986) / (1.353362)

Fun Math Time

How many home runs you hit isn't really tightly correlated with how many games you're going to win, but still the more you hit the better your chances are. So by this regression, if I want the Yanks to win 100 games how many home runs are they likely to hit? 188. And say the Giants boost up their home runs to a massive 100, how many games will they win according to this graph? 35, that would be bad.

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