2008 Regressions: MLB Average -> Wins

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's February, so I'm Trying to Find things to Post On. Therefore You're Going to Get Some Simple Regression Tests from the 2008 MLB Season.

The Major High Outlier: Texas with .283 Batting Average and 79 Wins
The Low Outlier: Oakland with a .242 Batting Average and 75 Wins

Formula: Average = 0.237917 + (0.000319) * Wins
ReFangled Formula: Wins = (Average + 0.237917) / (0.000319)

Fun Math Time

The ole average doesn't look like it is tightly correlated to wins and losses but anyway according to the ole formula if I want the Yankees to win 100 games what would their average need to be? .269, well that seems low. And say I think the A's will boost their average to .255 how many wins would that equal? 54.

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