So When Exactly Can I Buy Yankee or Mets Tickets

Monday, February 23, 2009

Today we are officially 6 weeks away from the start of the baseball season. I'm obviously geared up to start purchasing some tickets and to figure out when I will be making my first trips to the new NYC ball parks. I continually check both the Mets' and Yankees' Websites to see when I can get my thumbs worked out (aka trying to fight through ticketmaster for single game tickets), and there is no answer. Nope the Yankees and Mets are both still trying to get people to buy ticket packages, each package is a minimum of 11 games and given the fact I live 75 minutes away, I'm certainly not signing up for that.

At this point in time last season I had purchased all the games I was going to throughout the year, 5 Yankees games and 1 trip to the Shea shithole. This year, neither website has even mentioned when single game tickets go on sale and so I wait. I wait eagerly, impatiently and annoyed.

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