And the Numbers Are Cliff Divers

Monday, February 09, 2009

Andruw Jones was a great player in baseball for about 10 years and then well, he ate himself out of the league. Still just 31, what does the 10 time gold glove winner have in store for the league? Let's take a look.

The Totals Say: Run For the Hills

The Averages Say: Ahhhhhhhhh Falling

Who Wants the Over the Hill/Fat Center Fielder?

Apparently the Yankees did. But he didn't want the Yankees. Instead, he wanted the 1000 degree weather of Arlington and signed with the Rangers for an incentive laden minor league deal.

What Can We Expect?

Well FanGraphs conveniently puts together four of the better projections, and they say mixed bag. All think he isn't going to crack .235. Three say he's not gonna hit 20 homers even if he gets the at bats, most don't think he will. And good ole CHONE thinks that somehow he bounces back and hits 28 homers. I'm going with the other three and betting he's all washed up until I see him do something in spring training.

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