Thoughts On Mr. Ster-Rod

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who knew that after going over Arod's stats yesterday to find out if there were some blatantly obvious Steroid years, he would just come out and admit the three years which were in biggest question. Anyway, let me give my quick take on yesterday's events.

He Had No Choice: It's been proven with Bonds and Clemens that you can't flat out lie. People just won't believe you. So he gave away the three years which were his best consecutive three seasons. But at the same time tried to say look at how good I was with the Mariners and with the Yankees to smooth it over.

The Idea He Had No Idea What He Was Using: I could see this conversation at the gym with some people at the gym, "Dude you're getting f'n ripped? What Are you Taking?" "I'm popping the Red Magic Pills" "Shit get me some of that." I could also see some athletes having this conversation with their trainer "I don't care what you give me and I really don't even care to know, just give me whatever is going to get me in the best shape of my life." Problem? I just don't see A-Rod doing this. Not someone who is so concerned about every little thing around him at all moments and so concerned about breaking every single record and having the premium baseball body. No he knew what he was taking.

The Idea He Didn't Know What He Tested Positive For: This may be true because chances are it could have been one of any number of things.

The Idea He Had No Idea Where He Got Them From: My bet is the tooth fairy, that's who used to give me steroids. Come on, obviously he knows and just isn't going to tell you. Why what he? What's the benefit of being a cheater and a snitch?

The Whole Selena Roberts Stalking Thing: Who cares? Honestly you should have less a problem with Roberts attempting to dig up the story and write a book on you, and trying to inform you of the pending news, than with the person(s) who coughed over the information.

The Idea That Now He's Gonna Get Booed on the Road and At Home: Doesn't Everyone already hate A-Rod? Doesn't he get booed everywhere already?

Peter Gammons Didn't Ask the HARD Hitters: How many times do you need to ask a man you sure you don't know what you did or who you got them from? Obviously A-Rod wasn't going to admit to knowing which drug he took and he wasn't going to hand over his suppliers.

The Idea That This "Taints" His Legacy: Assuming he plays out the length of the contract and is eligible for the Hall of Fame 14 years from now, I'd say he's pretty much fine. By the time the dust settles on this steroid crap so many people are going to be outed that even the best of the best will just start to blend in. I'd be willing to bet that he doesn't go first ballot as a sort of slap on the wrist for this but that he gets in the following year.

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