Jared Lorenzen Is Your New Hefty Arena Football Starnf

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jared Lorenzen just got himself a big time football contract. He's headed back to the Blue Grass state to light up Rupp Arena with the Lexington Horseman of the Arena Football League 2. It's about time someone decided to sign up Jared Lorenzen to a football contract, donuts and beer do not pay for themselves.

Poor Ole Lorenzen has been without a job thanks to the Indianapolis Colts cutting him in camp after the Giants decided they'd rather have David Carr in the offseason. Since then the Lefty has been working out vigorously to gain return to the NFL, he even applied for the Biggest Loser but didn't make it. All the hard work paid off into a lucrative Arena Deal, well the hard work and the fact that the Horseman are desperate to get a former UK player to try to scrounge some ticket sales out of the area.

The Horseman did not comment on whether he'll automatically garner the starting defensive tackle position or if he will have to compete with smaller men for the role.

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