Numbers On Steroids: Jason Giambi

Friday, February 20, 2009

Numbers on Steroids is a look at baseball players during the 90s to see if anything screams out at you.

It's Jason Giambi time. He admitted steroid use, so let's try to figure out the effect it may have had on him.

Averages Say: Look at the Balco Climb and the 'Parasite' Dip

At Bats Per Home Run Says: The steady downward slope screams juice.

Explaining It Away

If you want to explain Giambi's number away you'd have to first hit on the idea that he was entering his prime and that he was steadily improving for 4 straight seasons until he blasted off in 2000. The next three seasons he stayed consistent and just had a miserable 2004 season before he bounced back to a certain extent in 05 and 06. The past two seasons have been in decline because well he's getting old now and his body looks like it's falling apart.

The Verdict

Even if we didn't know Giambi took steroids the numbers are a bit suspicious. 6 years of continued improvement isn't really condemning, it's the massive jump in that 2000 season when he was effectively an OPS god. But alas we know that...

He is Steroid Boy

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