But What Will Stephon Wear?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Knicks finally gave Stephon the mercy kill last night; thus allowing him to fly up I-95 all the way to the TD Bank North Garden and throw on Celtic Green. I'm surprised by this decision mostly because how can a man who so passionately loves a number just abandon it. The Celtics have already retired #3 and #33 in Dennis Johnson and Larry Bird, so what will Starbury wear? Hmm... I wonder what he will go with?

His Potential Value to the Celtics?

Maybe His Yearly Salary?

Perhaps The Black Bird?

What About Triple Threes?

What He Would Like to Do to Donny Walsh?

Who Needs Numbers when You Have Your Own Symbol?

And The Odds On Favorite... The Caricature

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Pip said...
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The minus 3 was brilliant.

Pip said...
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