The WBC "Huh You're From Where" Top 5

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The World Baseball Classic starts next week so I perused the rosters and stumbled across a few players who I frankly did not expect. Here's a run down of the top 5 players who caught me off guard as to whom they are playing for.

5. Russell Martin, Canada - I probably should have known he was Canadian, but he looks hispanic, doesn't he? I picture Canadians in the Jason Bay mold, ghastly white.

4. Nick Punto, Italy - I don't think I understand how people are allowed to play for Nations when they definitely have never lived there. Anyway, Punto was born in San Diego to a father who played in the minors.

3. Marco Scutaro, Venezuala - I don't know if I've ever heard Scutaro talk, I think I have after he hit a walk off against Mariano a few years back, but I always thought he was Italian or Italian American. Now he's playing for the Venezualan Team? Who knew?

2. The Hairston Brothers, Mexico - The Hairston brothers are 3rd generation Major Leaguers. Their father played for the White Sox for most of his career and their grandfather played in the Negro Leagues and for one season for the White Sox. So is their mother Mexican? Their father did play 3 years in the Mexican league, perhaps they were just born in Mexico?

1. Bruce Chen, Panama - With a name like Chen, your first guess would probably be China right? Then you'd rattle off all the remaining Asian countries and the USA. How long would it take to get to Panama? The entire list?

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It'll be nice when baseball decides to take FIFA's rules for appearing in international competitions.

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