Brett Favre Says "It's Time to Retire"... And No One Believes Him

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ESPN's Ed Werder is reporting that Brett Favre has decided to retire and that Buzz Cook, Brett Favre's agent, has informed the Jets of this decision. Here are Brett's comments to Ed:

"Mike and Woody, as well as the entire organization, have been nothing short of outstanding,'' Favre said in the e-mail. "My teammates -- Thomas and Kerry included -- were a pleasure to play with. Eric [Mangini] could not have been any better. I enjoyed playing for him. My time with the Jets was short, but I'm honored to be given that chance.'' ESPN

So, who believes him? Anybody? Apparently his agent discussed the option of the Jets cutting Favre to which the Jets politely declined. So who bets he just doesn't want to play for the Jets next year?

My opinion is that the Jets should actually find out what he wants to do. If he wants to play for another team, then just cut him. Don't be a hard ass. Just let the man do what he wants to do. Why would it be a PR nightmare? The man doesn't want to play in New York, just say "we had a good year run that unfortunately did not end the way we wanted it to... etc." If he wants to retire, then tell him to put his papers in. He occupies 13$ million dollars of cap space, and you currently are $2 million over the cap. That's a lot of valuable money to both sign rookies or go after a big free agent, it's something you need to know ASAP. You don't have any loyalty to this man, so stop pretending like you do.

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