Comparing Bonds and Arod's Jumps During the Steroid Era

Monday, February 09, 2009

If we say the steroid era for Bonds and Arod started somewhere around 2000 and ended when full on testing came available in 2004 in MLB, how do Arod and Barry Bonds stats look? Do either have a significant jump in categories during that time frame?

Home Runs
Bonds: To the Roof and Beyond
Arod: Went from 41->52->57->47->36. The 41 is in SafeCo, the 36 with the Yanks

Bonds: Sir Spikes a Lot. 73 Homers will do that.
Arod: More RBI in Arlington? I Guess, but look at that 2007 total.

Slugging Percentage
Bonds: What's With That Significantly Higher Section?
Arod: A Flat Line and then Inconsistent Spikes? Hmm...

Bonds: Well that looks a lot like Slugging %.
Arod: Ditto...


I'm not saying that Arod didn't take steroids and that the tests are bunk, but his numbers while seeing a slight bump during the steroid years are nothing in comparison to Bonds. If anything Arod's consistency and higher home run totals can actually be explained through the benefits of playing at the Ballpark at Arlington in comparison to playing at more difficult right handed hitting parks (Safeco and Yankee Stadium) plus the additional pressure of playing in the Bronx.

Really who knows if Arod did steroids in just 2003 or if he's done them his whole career. All I'm saying is that unlike Bonds, there is nothing in his stats that scream at you "THESE STATS ARE THE COMPLETE RESULT OF BEING JUICED OUT OF HIS MIND."

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