Ranking the SI Rookies

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The SI Swimsuit edition came out today, and I took the pain staking task of ranking the rookies for you. Enjoy.

Reasoning: It's the Big Strahan Gap. Just don't know about that.

Reasoning: Usually I'm a fan of redheads being one myself, but she's just too skinny.

Reasoning: She's Hot, Just not Tyra Banks in her Prime Hot.

Reasoning:I guess I just prefer a good brunette. Jimmy at Hot Clicks had her as the Rook of the Year.

Reasoning: A little bit of the girl next door look, not sure if that's what I'm looking for in a Rookie of the Year.

Reasoning: The coffee colored skin and the gangster hoodie look won me over, just not quite enough.

Reasoning: A solid choice, and it came down to the wire but just had to go with someone else.

Reasoning: She's got the exotic feel and she can hold a sheep and still look hot. That's enough for me.

All in all a solid rookie class, but if you ask me I'm still going with this from last year.

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Tom Brady can also hold a sheep and look hot. Well, atleast in my honest opinion. That is why i have covered my pilloow with Stetson cologne. It helps me sleep at night and dream of him.

TMags said...
5:45 PM  

I didn't even write that first comment, but I see nothing about that is not true.

tmags said...
1:08 PM  

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