The Jets Certainly Wasted That 2nd Round Draft Pick

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In 2005 the New York Jets were burned by poor kicking. Doug Brien missed two potential game winning field goals against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs and they went from one game away from the Super Bowl, to a wednesday tee time at the local golf course. So the Jets did what anyone scorned would do, they dumped Brien and drafted a Mike Nugent, a 'Franchise' kicker, in the second round. Well that certainly blew up in their face.

Mike Nugent has officially parted ways with the Jets, and his career with the team was average to below average. In 4 years he made 81.5% of his kicks and was never reliable from deep as he was 3-9 in his career from 50+ yards out. Additionally, his kickoffs lacked depth and he was never really a touchback threat.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of Nugent as a Jets fan is Stephen Gostkowski. The Patriots drafted Gostkowski only a year later, but in 4th round, and since he's been superior in everyway. He is a constant threat for touchbacks because he has a much stronger leg, and his accuracy over his three year career is better as well (85%). Just one more of the countless things the Patriots have done better than the Jets in the Belicheat era.

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