Don't Let the Door Hit You In The Ass On Your Way Out

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"He's leaving and he has no idea where he's going," Threet's father Jewel, said today. (Maize N Brew)

Steven Threet the co-captainer of the Michigan shit-train in 2008 has decided that it's time to throw out the life raft and paddle to different shores and for this I have to say, whatever. He didn't suck quite as much as Nick Sheridan but it was quite obvious that he wasn't exactly the future quarterback for a National Champion. My question is why the hell did he transfer? Does he just like transferring? He transferred to UM last year from Georgia Tech, now he's transferring from UM to where? I can't imagine a big time program is going to start himm he pretty much only started this year cause Pryor chose Buckeye over Wolverine.

So what's next? Well Sheridan is terrible, so pretty much all the Wolverine's eggs are in Freshman recruits Tate Forcier's basket. He's a top ten recruit at least so... maybe there's hope, but probably not. At least they loaded up on Directional Michigan's this year.

Also, what the hell kind of name for a man is Jewel? Seriously if my name was Jewel I would find any nickname under the sun to be called instead. Jay seems good enough.

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