It's Nice to See Bernie Back

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's been two full years since Brian Cashman did the unthinkable and kicked Bernie Williams to the curb in favor of Dougie Minkowitz. It was a dumb move both in loyalty terms and actually baseball terms. Minkowitz was terrible and useless and that was prior to getting KTFO. Meanwhile Bernie spent his time staying away from the stadium while never officially retiring and toying with his music. Finally Bernie returned last year for the stadium send off and received the loudest of cheers.

This spring the Yankees finally did something right. Bernie Williams is suiting up for team Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic but didn't really have a place to train until the Puerto Rican team opens up camp. Instead of letting Bernie train somewhere on his own, Joe Girardi called him up and told him that Yankee camp was open for his usage and that he should come down and take advantage of the facilities. It's understood that the Yankees aren't going to sign him, but it was 100% the right thing to do. Bernie Williams is a class act and one of the greatest Yankees of all time, it's about time they stop treating him like a bag of meat.

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