Count Me As In Favor of the 3 Man Yankee Rotation

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Yankees are apparently leaning towards going with a 3 man rotation for the ALCS. Thanks to the fact that the ALCS has 3 separate off days the Yankees would be able to pitch CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, and Andy Pettitte on full rest in every game but game 4 when CC Sabathia would go on 3 days rest. Here are 3 reasons why I agree with the move.

1. The Limited Numbers Back It Up

The above numbers show CC's 4 regular season starts career on 3 days rest. It's safe to say that he wasn't effected at all by the short rest. If you're going to point to his failures in round 1 of last years postseason when he threw on 3 days rest you might have to remind yourself that it was the 4 start in a row he had on 3 days rest and perhaps that was just the Brewers getting a bit too greedy.

Meanwhile Chad Gaudin in his career has a spotty when on extremely long rest. This season he has pitched well given the rest but in each case he was removed from the game very early (averaged 5 innings per start) and left a lot of work to be done by the bullpen.

2. It Increases Bullpen Flexibility

By having Gaudin in the bullpen you now have a man dedicated strictly to a long relief appearance. This is invaluable if the game goes deep in extra innings, especially with the way Joe Girardi likes to throw out pitchers for one batter at a time. With Gaudin in the bullpen it allows Girardi to use Aceves in whatever way he pleases and not hold him back in case a long man is needed.

3. It's Time For the Horses

CC Sabathia is a god damn animal. If anybody can handle pitching on 3 days rest its a man that's 6 foot 7, 300 lbs, and built like an NFL lineman. The man has extra fuel to spare and showed last year he can handle 3 days rest. If anything I'd be more worried about CC in game 1 having way too much time in between starts than I would of him being able to go 6 innings effectively on 3 days rest. The reason being his biggest problems this season have come in games when he has lacked command. When CC is throwing strikes he gets outs. The rust factor would worry me a lot more than the only got 3 days rest factor.

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