Week 6 Blogpoll

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Before you yell and say where is so and so team, please read my polling philosophy and then yell afterwards.

1. Alabama - Bama isn't messing around. They sent a message to the SEC with their complete domination of Ole Miss. Quality Wins: Virginia Tech(n), @Ole Miss

2. Florida - And Florida finally picks up the win that brings them towards the top but Bama still has the class win of the NCAA. Quality Wins: Tennessee, @LSU

3. Virginia Tech - Perhaps last week they were just looking ahead towards BC and revenge for losses in the past. If that's the case they certainly showed it. Quality Wins: Nebraska, Miami

4. Iowa - I think the loss is just around the corner but for another week the Hawkeyes win a big matchup in the Big 10. Quality Wins: @Penn State, Michigan

5. Boise State - I will stop mentioning Boise St. starting next week. Quality Wins: Oregon

6. Miami - FAMU is a flamboyantly colored cupcake. Quality Wins: @FSU, GT, Oklahoma -- Bad Loss: @VT

7. Oregon - Blount might have been a bit out of line with the whole punching another player in the face bit, but he should have been pissed, the Ducks look good and could potentially be the class of the Pac 10. Quality Wins: Utah, Cal, @UCLA

8. USC - The Trojans get a nice boost from the Buckeyes big win. Quality Wins: @Ohio State, Cal - Bad Losses: Washington

9. Cincinnati - South Florida week equals their biggest challenge to date. Quality Wins: @Rutgers, @Oregon State

10. Houston - So Houston can beat BCS teams but can't beat UTEP? Confusion? Quality Wins: @Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, @Miss St. - Bad Losses: UTEP

11. Ohio State - So the Buckeyes will win the Big 10 again correct? Quality Wins: Wisconsin

12. LSU - Losing to Florida hurts but its not the only reason for the Bayou Bengal drop, UGA also stumbled mightily. Quality Wins: @Georgia, @Washington

13. Nebraska - Welcome Nebraska, you have one loss on the road to a solid team via last minute td. No penalties there. And you just defeated a solid rival on the road. Welcome to the party. Quality Wins: @Mizzou

14. Texas - Perhaps Texas Tech is good. At the end of saturday we shall know if the Longhorns are still on course for a battle with Bama or Florida. Quality Wins: TT

15. BYU - That loss to FSU grows incredibly more damning week by week, but in the muddled mess, the OU win shines through. Quality Wins: Oklahoma (n) -- Bad Loss: FSU

16-25 is just an absolute mess of decent wins and some poor losses. Teams like OU, Kansas and PSU shall join the party when they actually win a football game against someone decent.

1 Alabama
2 Florida 10
3 Virginia Tech
4 Iowa 1
5 Boise State 3
6 Miami (Florida) 2
7 Oregon 1
8 Southern Cal 1
9 Cincinnati 2
10 Houston 3
11 Ohio State
12 LSU 6
13 Nebraska
14 Texas 2
15 Brigham Young 3
16 South Carolina 5
17 TCU 7
18 South Florida 7
19 Georgia Tech 3
20 Wisconsin 5
21 Auburn 11
22 Oklahoma State 8
23 Pittsburgh
24 Arkansas
25 Michigan 5
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Georgia (#17), Boston College (#19), Stanford (#21), Arizona (#23).

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