Run Differential of World Series Champs

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm doing a little Flip Flop Fly Ball inspired chart comparing the hitting vs. pitching rankings of World Series Champs from the strike on (it won't be as pretty). As a residual to those charts, which I'll post later, here are two charts with the Run Differentials of the World Series Champs and the Run Differentials of the 2009 LCS Teams.

The single best team since the strike shortened season is easily the 1998 Yankees. They scored more runs per game than any World Series team since 1995 and their allowed runs per game was also elite. In addition their run differential per game was leaps and bounds better than every other World Series champ.

It's interesting to look at the above chart because when you stack up the starting rotation of the Dodgers and Phillies, the Phillies look to have the advantage, yet for the season the Dodgers allowed the least amount of runs per game.

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