Rasheed Wallace as a Celtic Is Going to Take a Lot to Get Used To

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As a Celtic fan in lower CT I don't get too many Celtic games. Essentially I get the National games and whenever they play the Nets or the Celtics. Last night when the Celtics played a preseason against the Knicks it was the first time I have been able to watch the Celtics play this season and thus my first experience with Rasheed in green and white, an experience I can describe simply as odd.

I don't like Rasheed Wallace. I didn't dislike him when he was on the Blazers because the whole Jailblazers era was humorous, but when he got traded to the Pistons the dislike quickly grew. He was a huge reason for the Pistons winning an NBA Championship and becoming the dominant team in the Eastern Conference. And he was so damn annoying doing it. Does anybody in the league whine and bitch more than Rasheed Wallace?* Every game he played he found something which inspired him to morph into a 4-year whose mother won't let him have a cookie. Needless to say 6 seasons with the Pistons was enough to grow a strong dislike.

Now he's a Celtic and watching him in green just doesn't seem right. To a lesser extent Rasheed's move feels like Johnny Damon's trip from Boston to the Bronx. I always disliked him more than anyone else on and now I'm supposed to cheer for him. This is weird. I don't really like it.

*Yes. Have you watched Tim Duncan?

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