Braylon Edwards is a Jet

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Today is a good day to be a Jet fan. Our offense which had a glaring hole for the entire season just saw the hole theoretically patched up. Braylon Edwards has the potential and skill level to give the Jets what they need, a constant deep threat. Someone that can stretch the field and make opposing safeties and defensive coordinators think twice before stacking the box. Braylon puts Cotchery back in his old roll of 2nd wideout and should help him avoid any double teams and help him succeed, same goes for Dustin Keller. All in all this is a good day to be a Jet fan and a good move towards challenging the AFC powerhouses for conference supremacy.

Outside of just being a Jet fan and being happy that this move could potentially be the move that moves the Jets to contender level, I'm mostly pumped with this move because Edwards is my second favorite Wolverine of all time, behind Charles Woodson of course.

To celebrate this acquisition I give you video of Braylon dominating in college much like I hope he dominates in New York.

Hell why end there, why not some NFL highlights which include him tooling on Darrelle Revis, not a feat that is often done.

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I think Braylon needed a change of scenery, so this should be beneficial for both parties.

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