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Friday, October 02, 2009

This years NFL Picks are brought to you by SportsIntensity your place for live NFL betting lines.

A little bounce back last week, hopefully this week is a full fledge jump in the right direction.

1. Houston Texans (-9 1/2) vs. Oakland Raiders
The Texans offense is sure to put up 28 points which means the Raiders offense would have to put up at least 20 to beat the spread. JaMarcius Russell is lucky if he completes 20% of his passes nevermind scores 20 points. The Raiders are terrible.

2. Dallas Cowboys (-3 1/2) at Denver Broncos
I know the Cowboys seemingly get a few more points than they should every week thanks to the countless amounts of front runners in our nation, but I still like them to beat the Broncos by more than 4. I'm sorry but I don't believe in the Broncos 3-0 record at all. I think they are the worst 3-0 team in the history of football and that their slide starts this weekend.

3. Detroit Lions (+10 1/2) at Chicago Bears
The Bears have won their last two games late in the 4th quarter via a late score, granted the vcitories came against potentially solid teams, but 10 1/2 points still seems like way too much for them to give.

4. San Diego Chargers (+5.5) at Pittsburgh Steelers
Without Polamalu getting in their way the Chargers will be able to put up points. They'll be able to keep the game close at in the final quarter and I think like the Bengals last week will put together a game winning drive.

5. New York Giants (-9 1/2) at Kansas City Chiefs
The offense of the Chiefs is poor and with the Giants coming off the absolute destruction of the Bucs should be able to replicate that performance this week. The Giants are very very good.

Survivor Pick of the Week: Giants
You can pick the Giants this week or next given their next two games are against the Chiefs and Raiders. This week I think the safe money is on them to cruise to an easy victory so I'm not going to wait.

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