Carl Pavano, Now an Important Baseball Player [vomit]

Monday, October 05, 2009

Well yesterday was enough to make any Yankee fan vomit. Carl Pavano pitching in the most important start of the 2009 regular season and throwing on three days rest picks up the victory. Granted he was helped mightily by incredible run support but still, the words Pavano, win, three days left, and playoffs uttered in the same sentence are baffling to myself and any other Yankee fan.

Carl Pavano has been with the Twins for less than 2 months and he's already won more meaningful games than he did in four years for the Yankees, and he's doing so for way less money. Oh the humor of it all.

In four seasons with the Yankees Pavano garnered 8 victories and 9 defeats over 26 starts. He did so while pitching to a 5.00 ERA and a 1.45 WHIP. In two months with the Twins Pavano won 5 games and lost 4 over 12 starts while pitching to a 4.64 ERA and a 1.37 WHIP. While with the Yankees Pavano won just 2 games during the month of September. In his time with the Twins Pavano recorded 2 September victories and an elusive October victory, something he did not accomplish in pin stripes. And finally if Scott Baker and the Twins can win at home tomorrow, Pavano will get one more thing he did not get while in the Bronx, a postseason start.

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