The Last Time Jorge Posada Didn't Start a Playoff Game

Friday, October 09, 2009

Tonight Jorge Posada will be on the bench watching Jose Molina catch AJ Burnett. He's on the bench because Joe Girardi believes Burnett has better chemistry with Molina than with Jorge and Jorge does not seem pleased by the entire idea. Why? Well this won't be the first time that Posada hasn't started a playoff game because the manager thought a pitcher had more chemistry with a catcher without enormous ears. In 2005 Joe Torre decided to start John Flaherty over Jorge in hopes that Randy Johnson would find the groove against the Angels. He got this...

Johnson gave up 5 runs in three innings and was removed. Flaherty was removed with him, but the damage was done. The Yankees bullpen was stretched and couldn't shut the door on the Angels despite the middle inning comeback. The Yankees lost game 3 and eventually the series.

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