Week 7 NFL Pick Suggestions

Friday, October 23, 2009

3-2 last week which is better than 2-3 but still not that fantastic.

1. New England Patriots (-14 1/2) vs. Tampa Bay Bucs (in London)
Tennessee has all but packed their bags and set up their January tee times, so the Pats 59-0 victory was a bit bloated last week. But the Bucs are doing the same thing, so why not just ride the Brady-Moss-Welker train one more time.

2. Indianapolis Colts (-13 1/2) at St. Louis Rams
Two touchdowns is a lot to give up, but the Rams are turrible. Bob Sanders is back so the Colts defense should be able to hold St. Louis to their typical 6 points. Peyton Manning will then take care of the rest. An as an addition the Colts are coming off a bye week. This game reeks 30 point victory.

3. Houston Texans (-3 1/2) vs. San Francisco 49ers
The Niners aren't the same without Gore pounding the rock, meanwhile the Texans led by Matt Schaub are throwing up 28 points a game. I think the Texans will win this one something like 27-20.

4. Atlanta Falcons (+3.5) at Dallas Cowboys
The Falcons are straight up a better team than the Cowboys. They've proven this season that they can win on he road and Michael Turner is beginning to regain his 2008 form. The Cowboys on the other hand are lucky, very lucky to have that third win under their belt. The Cowgirls are coming off a bye which makes me a bit hesitant on this pick, but I'm going to take it anyway.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (-7 1/2) at Washington Redskins
The rivalry game usually packs intensity and a close outcome but the Eagles desperately need this game and the Redskins are helping to pack up Zorn's office for his bye week firing.

Survivor Pick of the Week: Colts
Well this is a god damn gimmee. Week 7 and I still have the Colts available when they're playing the Rams. Ok, sign me up.

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