The Glass is Most Certainly Half Empty

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Jets are 3-2 and in a tie for first place for the AFC East. If you had told me this at the beginning of the season I would have signed up for it yet today I sit an angry angry pessimistic Jet fan.

Last night wasn't supposed to happen. The Jets defense were supposed to be amongst the leagues elite. After a week when they stifled the New Orleans Saints, they were supposed to shut down a Dolphins team that struggled to score points several times this year. Instead, the Jets defense was manhandled for 60 minutes. 60 full minutes. Let us count the ways.

1) The Dolphins ran 64 total plays only 4 went for negative yards, three of those for just -1. (Brown -1 reception, Brown -1 on a goal line stuff, Williams -5 on Jenkins beast mode, Cobbs -1 on an end around stuffed by Thomas).

2) The Dolphins punted just 4 times. Once thanks to crippling holding call. Once thanks to the aforementioned Jenkins beast mode and once thanks to the aforementioned Thomas play. Essentially these were the only 2 positive plays the Jets defense made.

3) Ricky Williams averaged 6.2 yard per carry which came mostly in the wildcat.

4) The wildcat gained 110 yards the 16 times it was run.

5) The Jets seemingly made contact with the running backs at the line of scrimmage on every play. These tackles all seemed to be either broken or dragged for 4 or 5 yards. The Jets tackling was brutal.

6) The Jets recorded ZERO sacks and I can't even remember a time they actually hit Henne.

7) On key 3rd downs the Jets brought the house, yet still didn't get to Henne, allowing him to cooly hit his receivers for first downs.

8) Even Darrelle Revis got burnt for a huge touchdown.

Last weeks loss was understandable. Mark Sanchez is a rookie. He's going to cost them a few games. Last night, however, was not understandable and not acceptable. On a night when your offense plays well and puts up 27 points, an elite defense is supposed to win comfortably. Instead, they failed miserably. So is the Jets Defense truly elite or not?

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It was a great game. Go Dolphins!!!

Amy said...
3:06 PM  

For those that are not Jet fans, yes.

Simon said...
4:16 PM  

Don't lose faith guy. The Jets are no joke this year. I think you may be in for a lull though, as the rush from the new coach is wearing off and the team is settling into the grind.

Hart said...
7:00 AM  

Well we're playing the Bills then the Raiders than Miami at home. If we don't go at minimum 2-1 in these games than we aren't for real.

Simon said...
10:23 AM  

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