Week 5 Blogpoll

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Before you yell and say where is so and so team, please read my polling philosophy and then yell afterwards.

1. Alabama - Bama just knocked Arkansas upside the head, and with the Hokies dominating the U, their neutral field win looks awfully nice. Quality Wins: Virginia Tech(n)

2. Boise State - The best thing that can happen to Boise State is for the Oregon Ducks to win out, and Oregon's 42-3 victory on saturday was a step in the right direction. Quality Wins: Oregon

3. Virginia Tech - YA little sleep walk action vs. Duke, but who cares they still won. Quality Wins: Nebraska, Miami

4. Miami - Landry Jones is no sad Bradford which makes for a sad day for Sam Bradford. The U took advantage and now has three wins of merit. Quality Wins: @FSU, GT, Oklahoma -- Bad Loss: @VT

5. Iowa - Knocking off Joe Pa twice in a row gets Ferentz another contract extension. Quality Wins: @Penn State

6. LSU - Sure they were helped some by the lame call but they did win in Georgia which is impressive. Quality Wins: @Georgia

7. Cincinnati - Cupcake week for the Bearcats. Quality Wins: @Rutgers, @Oregon State

8. Oregon - And Oregon is back? And LaGarrette is also back? Hmm... a team of intrigue. Or does Cal just suck? Quality Wins: Utah, Cal

9. USC - It looks as if the Trojans are back and ready to dominate the Pac 10. Quality Wins: @Ohio State, Cal - Bad Losses: Washington

10. Auburn - Who knew Gene Chizik was going to get Auburn to score a lot of points? Quality Wins: West Virginia, @Tennessee

12. Florida - I'm waffling over Florida. Do I give them credit for two SEC wins over bottom SEC teams? Or do I wait for their game against LSU with or without Tebow? Quality Wins: Tennessee, Kentucky

13. Houston - How are you going to lose to UTEP after pulling off those huge victories? Disgusting. Quality Wins: @Oklahoma State, Texas Tech - Bad Losses: UTEP

16. Texas - Is UTEP more of a quality win than Texas Tech given that TT lost to Houston and UTEP beat Houston? I don't know but I'm sick of Texas OOC games already. Quality Wins: Texas Tech

20. Michigan - Losing on the road to your rival in overtime is bad but its not the worst thing in the world. This week perhaps they defeat Iowa to redeem themselves. Quality Wins: Notre Dame

And that's all I'm gonna do for right now cause I'm a bit behind schedule, if you have complaints, comment and I shall address the remainder of the logic.

Also, Mizzou speak to me after this week, it's obvious that Illinois is bad. Same goes with you Ohio State.

1 Alabama
2 Boise State 1
3 Virginia Tech 1
4 Miami (Florida) 4
5 Iowa 2
6 LSU 5
7 Cincinnati 2
8 Oregon 4
9 Southern Cal 7
10 Auburn 8
11 South Carolina 4
12 Florida 6
13 Houston 11
14 Oklahoma State 1
15 Wisconsin
16 Texas 3
17 Georgia 3
18 Brigham Young 1
19 Boston College
20 Michigan 10
21 Stanford
22 Georgia Tech 2
23 Arizona
24 TCU
25 South Florida 2

Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: UCLA (#9), Missouri (#21), Ohio State (#22), California (#25).

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