The Revis Effect Weeks 1-6

Friday, October 23, 2009

In an attempt to highlight one of the few bright spots of the Jets current 3-3 record I bring to you the Revis effect. Here we chronicle just what the #1 wide receivers of the Jet opponents did when matched up with Darrelle Revis in comparison to what they have done for the remainder of the season.

Throughout the season Revis have faced some of the best wideouts in the league (Moss, Colston and Johnson) and has yet to allow a single receiver to catch more than 4 passes on him. In addition the only time he allowed a #1 wideout to score a touchdown was a deep strike to Ted Ginn of all people in their defensive debacle loss to the Dolphins. In 28 games not covered by Revis these wideouts have a total of 14 touchdowns.

When looking at the average difference per game, or The Revis Effect, #1 wideouts are averaging 1.2+ less receptions, 30+ less yards, and .33 less touchdowns against Revis than in a normal game. The Revis Effect would look even more powerful if you just take the three powerhouse wideouts. Johnson, Moss, and Colston averaged 3 less receptions, 67 less yards, and scored 0 touchdowns in comparison to the 12 they have in 14 games against not Revis.

This just in, Revis is good.

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