The Big 5 College Football Games of Week 9

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well the Pac 10 is up for grabs, and Mark Richt could use a big win. Other than that the weekend would be entirely more interesting if Dez Bryant wasn't suspended.

5. Central Michigan at Boston College Eagles
Is this game big? No, but it at least has some intrigue. The Chippawas are on the cusp of being ranked and they get another BCS team on the road to join the top 25. The Pick: Eagles by 2

4. West Virginia at South Florida
Am I reaching a bit with this game too? Ya a little bit, but WVU is still undefeated and has a solid chance of reaching the a BCS bowl game. South Florida is just one opponent standing in the way. The Pick: South Florida by 3

3. Texas Longhorns at Oklahoma State Cowboys
The truth shall set you free Dez. Can't the NCAA just reinstate him for this game and this game alone? I really don't care about the rest of Okie State's games, but I'd really like them to beat Texas, something they most likely will not do without Dez. The Pick: Longhorns by 13 (Boo)

2. Georgia Bulldogs at Florida Gators in Jacksonville
The Gators have three tests left on the schedule: at Spurrierville, the Beatdown of Bowden and the Cocktail Party. Will they lose any of these games? I don't think so. The Pick: Gators by 9.

1. Southern California Trojans vs Oregon Ducks
Winner gets the Pac 10 and a trip to the Rose Bowl. They also get the modicum of hope that if chips fall in their favor everywhere in the country that they could wind up in the title game. Chip Kelly has some nuts in that he said that the earliest he would allow Blount to play would be the 7th, aka after the biggest game of the season, but does he have the cojones to knock precious Pete Carroll from his perch? Probably not. The Pick: USC by 6.

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