Chasing Lines: Donde Esta Lebron James en 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

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And now we can all officially speculate about something that we all have been speculating about for nearly 3 years now, where will Lebron James be signing a contract in the summer of 2010. As of right now your early favorites are still the Cavaliers. They are closely followed by the Knicks who are followed more distantly by the Bulls, Nets, Clipshow and Heat. The odds will obviously change throughout the offseason as more news comes out but let's just give some thoughts to each of the 6 squads.

Cavs - The Cavs are the favorites for the obvious reason, he is currently a member of the Cavs, he is an Ohio lifer, and his legacy will never be as strong winning championships as it would be if he won them in Cleveland. Even though the team he would go to would be a completely rebuilt ship (outside of Chicago) it will always feel like he bailed for a better scenario and couldn't get it done on his home turf. With that being said, I think the Cavs royally messed up this season. The Cavs were in position to be cap flexible this offseason. All they had to do was not give out a few dumb contracts and not trade for a dumb contract. What did they do? They signed Varejao to a dumb 5 year contract and even worse traded for Antawn Jameson who was useless in the playoffs. And now goodbye cap space and goodbye 90% chance to keep Lebron.

Knicks - The Knicks offer status, Manhattan, Broadway, and that's about it. In order for New York to work he's going to need to convince a sidekick to come in and pray for a few role players to come in. If it's him and Bosh it might work. If it's him, David Lee, Wilson Chandler and slop then he blew off Cleveland and is going to be on a crappy team anyway.

Bulls - The talent in Chicago is nice with Rose and company but why would Lebron want to live in the shadow of MJ. He could win 4 titles in a row and still he'll be second fiddle in the history of the town. If he goes to any of the other logical places and wins 4 titles he's king shit for eternity. Not in Chicago. But maybe his ego can handle that and the Bulls give him a solid club.

Nets - Two years ago I said by trading away RJ they got into the Lebron game but that the Lebron trade would only have relevance if they moved to Brooklyn. Too bad they aren't because I think this would be a logical move. The Nets suck, but they do have nice talent, the potential #1 pick and plenty of cap space. But they still play in Jersey, and well Jersey is not an ideal professional sports location.

Clipshow - The Clippers are the worst basketball franchise in the history of the NBA, going there would just be odd, dumb and likely to cause season ending injuries. (See Blake Griffin)

Heat - It could be Batman and Robin in Miami, but despite the fact he'd be Batman, he'd still be second fiddle in the sun as Wade already has that title and is already the head honcho of the franchise.

My bet would be he stays in Cleveland. He stays loyal to his roots and is driven to prove to everyone that he can get the Cavs and the city their first championship in his lifetime.

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