Stick With the Regular Gatorade, Avoid the G Series

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One perk to being a blogger is that occasionally people send you free stuff in hopes that you will write about it in your blog (aka relatively free advertisement). Last week I got some of Gatorade's new G products in the mail so I decided to give them a go this weekend and well not so good. The first products was G Prime, have it before you perform, it tasted like Gatorade Syrup, orange Gatorade Syrup. Not very delicious but atleast tolerable. They then gave me a G2 and a regular gatorade, those tasted like Gatorade so fine. The last product was G Recover, have it post workout because its packed with protein, it was god awful. It was thick and tasted like cough medicine, pretty safe to say I wouldn't recommend anyone buying G Recover

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better yet, go with vita coco, its got more electrolytes than either type of gatorade

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