Chasing Lines: Just How Many Games Will the Rays Win

Friday, May 21, 2010

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After getting dismantled by the Rays in their two game series in the Bronx, falling 5 games back, it feels as if the Yankees team is in complete disarray. But then you look at the Standings realize that the Yankees aren't in any dismal position, they still actually have the 3rd best record in Major League Baseball. So this in turn moves your attention and focus back towards the Rays and the realization that this team is eye openingly good.

The Rays are 30-11. They are 17-4 on the road. 17-4. That is truly unthinkable in baseball*. Their pitching staff is currently far and away the best in baseball. All 5 men of their rotation are 28 or younger, are over .500 for the season, and have an ERA under 3.40. Their lineup is full of speed and power and of course more youth. Only two of their everyday starters are older than 28 (Pena and Bartlett) so perhaps unlike the Yankees they will not be overly susceptible to major injuries.

The Rays really show no reason why they would slow down. The Rays are currently on pace to win 118 games and if you look at their roster and compare it to that of the 2001 Mariners team that won 116 games, it looks far superior. So if we were going to set odds on the Rays equaling or besting 116 it would likely still be a low number like 7:1 but if it was 7:1, you probably would have to think for a minute or two about throwing some money on it because these Rays are that good.

*Now if only the most exciting baseball team of the past decade or more could draw fans at their home stadium. Obviously Tampa is a complete shit market.

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