Mr. Wright Likes to Strike Out A Lot

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today in fun charts we look at David Wrights seasonal progression of Hits and Strikeouts. Good ole David is currently leading Major League Baseball in Strikeouts so why not take a look at the rapid pace with which it grows and how it's easily eclipsed his hit total.

David has had more strikeouts than hits ever since mid April. Since mid-April he has gone from a 0 balance to a grand total of 18 more strikeouts than hits. When you strike out in over 38% of your at bats it makes it a little bit difficult to hit anywhere near .300 and as a result Wright is currently having far an away his worst season for batting average (his previous worse was .293 in his rookie year, he's currently hitting .265). But if he's on your fantasy team there is a consolation prize, Wright already has 8 homers and 8 steals which puts him on pace for a 30/30 season.

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