The ACC In the NFL (With Charts!)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Which ACC schools are leading the way in NFL player development...
The ACC leader in NFL player development should surprise no one. Miami leads the way by a large margin. The teams of the early 2000s were littered with NFL talent. The surprising thing to some would be where Virginia Tech sits. The Hokies have less alumni in the NFL than Maryland, Georgia Tech, Maryland, and Virginia (tied with BC).

The position distribution which with the ACC provides the NFL
Penn State may be called Linebacker U, but its the ACC that churns out Linebacker after Linebacker. The ACC leads the way as the conference with the most Linebackers in the NFL and it isn't that close. The ACC has provided the NFL 50 linebackers. The Big Ten is second with 41.

Team by Team NFL Distribution...
Oddly enough the AFC and NFC West have the least amount of ACC players on their rosters. West Coast bias? Perhaps the reason their divisions suck?

School by School, Position by Position...
Here's the rap up of each ACC school and what the provided the NFL on a position by position basis. UNC and FSU lead the way with two Kickers... Woo!

And finally the a list of the ACC Players in the NFL...
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