Blogpoll Week 13

Monday, November 22, 2010

Before you yell and say where is so and so team, please read my polling philosophy and then yell afterwards.

~I'm very comfortable with my top 7 and then... GUH!

~Flip flopped TCU and Boise... why? Virginia Tech is why. The Hokies sleepwalked through James Madison in week 2, since then they have looked like an elite American football program. The win over Virginia Tech on a neutral field eclipses any victory TCU currently has and that is a direct reflection of Utah's devastating beat down at the hands of Notre Dame (which theoretically I should probably equate that loss to a "guh we don't want to play this week cause we lost the biggest game of our season last saturday" type loss in the same way I equated VTs loss, but well no Utah doesn't win any big games and are not going to be a BCS team)

~Speaking of Utah, they are in the poll because tell me where else to go please! The bottom of the top 25 is not very good. I would love for a suggestion of a team that could drop them out but please refrain from MAC, Sun Belt or Conference USA teams.

~Wisconsin only scored 48 this week, very much a down week for them.

~Andrew Luck should be a Panther next year but will the Panthers pull the trigger after they drafted Clausen?

~Nebraska scores 6 points after their qb comes up lame. They drop to the lump of mediocre Big 12 schools. Okie St. is in the top ten, but I wouldn't be too confident in them beating the Sooners this week. The Big 12 is very much looking like a 1 bid conference.

~The Big East sucks. I contemplated ranking West Virginia but the majority of their wins are against the Big East and that's like beating the NFC West.

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