The Big Ten in the NFL (With Charts!)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Which Big Ten schools are leading the way in NFL player development...
Not surprisingly the Buckeyes and Wolverines lead the way for the Big Ten. Also not surprisingly the Buckeyes are starting to put some distance between themselves and the pack. Also Northwestern narrowly tops Minnesota for 2nd to last but both easily eclipse dead last Indiana.

The position distribution which with the Big Ten provides the NFL
The Big Ten churns linebackers towards the NFL. This is not a surprise. One of their universities is nicknamed Linebacker U. Between Penn State, Ohio State, Purdue and Michigan the NFL has found 30 active linebackers.

Team by Team NFL Distribution...
HELLO AFC EAST and HELLO NEW YORK JETS. For whatever reason the New York Jets are very Big Ten centric. Over 1/4 of their roster is from the Big Ten. The Dolphins aren't too far behind as well. Meanwhile their NFC EAST counterparts care not for the Big Ten, especially Washington with just two players from the conference.

School by School, Position by Position...
Michigan and Purdue lead the way with 3 QBs a piece. Ohio State despite having only 1 QB is well above all others with 7 wideouts. The Spartans bring the beef with 5 Defensive Tackles and trusty Linebacker U leads the Big Ten with 9 LBs.

And finally the a list of the ACC Players in the NFL...

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