Blogpoll Week 11

Monday, November 08, 2010

Before you yell and say where is so and so team, please read my polling philosophy and then yell afterwards.

~It's official, TCU has positioned themselves as non-BCS conference BCS #1. This means that A) Barring a drastic loss or unforeseen circumstances they would be the team to crash the BCS Title game and/or BCS period. This leaves Boise St. with another year of what if / perhaps we should move to the Pac 10 -> 12 -> 14.

~Auburn beats Georgia at home and they are in the SEC title game regardless of the Iron Bowl outcome. This would A) Eliminates LSU from true National Title contention, and B) Set Auburn up to potentially still be the top ranked 1 loss team if they did fall to Bama. Would they get in over Boise/TCU with 1 loss? My guess is no, given that the loss would be too fresh in the mind of the voters.

~Boise desperately needs VaTech to run the table and even then the JMU loss in Week 2 is more of a crushing loss to the Broncos than it was to the Hokies.

~The Big 12 is a mess... Nebraska won by 1. Mizzou and Oklahoma and Texas lost. Texas may not even make a bowl game, which is holy shit bad. They need to beat either A&M or Okie St. to get in.

~Ohio St. and Utah are low low low. Why? They really haven't beaten good teams. The Buckeyes have lost to the one good conference team they have faced so far and their best win is either Illinois or Miami. Nothing special. Utah just got blitzed on their home field and their best win is Pitt. Woo!!!

~Michigan's offense gets a vote... Michigan's defense gets negative infinity votes.

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