Blogpoll Week 12

Monday, November 15, 2010

Before you yell and say where is so and so team, please read my polling philosophy and then yell afterwards.

~Maybe I spoke too soon last week about the TCU over Boise St. thing. I certainly wasn't expecting the Utes to go out and get their poo pushed in by Notre Dame. As a result of that loss the Utes are jettisoned completely. I heavily debated moving Boise ahead of TCU this week, but will wait til after Nevada.

~In addition I'm moving LSU ahead of TCU. Why? Their lone loss is at the #1 team in the country. Why would you expect TCU or Boise to win that game? Their wins are vastly superior to anything TCU or Boise has to offer. They A have a victory over Bama which puts to shame anything on TCU's schedule and certainly is greater than the Virginia Tech game. They have additional wins over a good UNC team, potentially the Big East champ WVU, a good Miss St. team, and a decent but not typical Florida team.

~The Hokies are surging. An 11-2 Hokie ACC Championship equals much happiness in Boise.

~Speaking of Bama, I have them over many a one loss team and am contemplating having them over Sconsin and/or Stanford. Why? The Big 10 kind of sucks and frankly Stanford's schedule isn't that great.

~The Buckeyes schedule is poo.

~The Big East leads the way with ZERO teams in the poll again.

~The rest of the poll is a big mess.

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