Finding Randy a Landing Spot

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

With the Vikings releasing Randy Moss yesterday it's time to try to figure out just where he might land / who might claim him. We'll do this by process of Elimination.

1, Team That Just Cut Him: Minnesota Vikings, They just cut him.

2, Teams With No Point in Claiming Him: New England Patriots, They are last on the list meaning they might as well not claim him and see if they can get him to resign if no one claims him so they pay him the veteran minimum instead of the $3 million.

3, Teams that Already Had a Failed Moss Experiment: Oakland Raiders There is no way that the Raiders bring back Moss after what transpired there years ago. Especially not when they are actually playing well, mostly by pounding the rock.

4-11, Teams that Are Too Far Out of It to Spend $3 Mill: Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Detroit LionsThese teams are down and out. Are all but eliminated from the postseason and really have no need to add salary.

12-13 Teams Where the QB is Just Not a Match: Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The Max Hall experiment will not fly with Randy Moss and the Bucs are not going to risk their 5-2 record and emergence of Josh Freeman with the signing of Randy Moss.

14-16 Teams With a Superstar Wideout they Probably Don't Want to Annoy: Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins I just don't see the Texans, Falcons or Dolphins signing Moss and than trying to convince Andre Johnson, Roddy White or Brandon Marshall that this is a good move for them.

17-23 Teams with No Place for a Wideout: New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers I just don't see any of these teams going out and bringing in a wideout given the current plethora of wideouts each team has.

24 It's Just Not How They Do Things: Indianapolis Colts, The Colts may have injuries at wideout (and everywhere on offense) and they do have Peyton Manning, who could make any wideout happy, but this just does not fit the bill of a Colts move.

25-26 I Doubt the Coach Would Be On Board Here: Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins, The Redskins and Chiefs might have room for them in their offenses but Todd Haley and Mike Shanahan don't really seem like two guys that want to bring in a diva wideout during the middle of the season.

27-28 Fringe Candidates: St. Louis Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars: I could see either of these teams claiming Moss because they could probably use a wideout (especially the Rams) but I see reasons why they wouldn't. The Rams probably would rather not toy with Bradford's development while the Jags could safely assume that Moss would not be a happy camper in their uniform.

29 True Candidate #1: Tennessee Titans, The Titans just lost Kenny Britt, aka essentially their entire passing attack, so they desperately need a top flight wideout. Vince Young / Kerry Collins certainly aren't ideal but Jeff Fisher has been around a long time and should be able to handle Moss and the Titans are a fringe playoff team right now and need to make a move to get there.

30 True Candidate #2: Seattle Seahawks, The Seahawks lead the worst division in football by a game. Their wideouts are all inexperienced and young. Pete Carroll loves himself a little flash and Randy Moss would be the solution to those issues.

31 True Candidate #3: Chicago Bears, Since arriving in Chicago, Jay Cutler has never remotely had the #1 wideout he had with Brandon Marshall in Denver. The Bears are currently a 1/2 game behind the Packers, are reeling badly, and desperately need a spark to awake the franchise.

32 The Landing Spot: San Diego Chargers, Let's Just run through a checklist of things that make sense for why a team would bring in Randy Moss.

1) Needs to be a playoff contender (Check), The Chargers may be just 3-5, but they always start out slow and I refuse to believe Kansas City is that good.

2) Need an Open Spot to Put Him (Check), Malcom Floyd is injured. Vincent Jackson is still suspended. Patrick Crayton is not good.

3) Need a QB That Can Handle Him (Check), Philip Rivers is probably a top 5 NFL QB.

4) They Need to Throw Him the Damn Ball (Check), The Chargers throw the ball basically more than any team in the league.

5) Need to Have Waiver Wire Priority, At 3-5 the Chargers sit in a position

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